Coloring armpits and listening to the spits #grrrlll

This should be fun #thisisthepits#hair. @s.s._emerald @mynameisambermarie

This should be fun #thisisthepits#hair. @s.s._emerald @mynameisambermarie

Most people do not listen
with the intent
to understand;

they listen
with the intent
to reply.
Stephen Covey  (via bondings)
iphone user: *minding his own business*
android user: AHH look what we got here, another Apple Fanboy!
iphone user: im not really a fanboy
android user: let me guess, you just came back from snapchatting steve jobs's grave
iphone user: hey man thats in poor taste
android user: good luck getting your $300 jizz box to do what my Samsung G4TMX can *pulls out very large phone*
iphone user: it's quite large
Android user: you should see the stylus. it's a legit pencil! *tries to grab stylus, drops massive phone, it falls and lands on a chipmunk, breaking its neck*
iphone user: oh my god!
android user: oh my god is right! *picks up samsung* not a scratch on it. now thats some good engineering
… its too early for this bullshit.
Me, no matter what time it is (via diamonds-bro)


I think men, when their first album came out, we just said about Stevie: “Wow, what a gorgeous woman.” I think women took it deeper. I think there was some connection that Stevie made with women. I don’t really know what that connection was but I think a lot of women became really fanatical about her, but in a good way. Usually, our gallery appeals to men. Most rock’n’roll photographs of men are heroic, and men are drawn to that. So many times they’ll come in our gallery and their girlfriends or their wives will come over to me and go: “I want to get that for his birthday, how much is it?” So I was up in the gallery the other day and a man came in and said: “I came here because I want to get a Stevie Nicks photo for my wife. It’s our anniversary and she loves Stevie” – like we were talking about – “She’s fanatical about her. She speaks to her.” You know, all these things. Like, “She’s gotta have one of these.” And I said, “Sir, we will make that happen for her” and I’m gonna tell you, as a guy I’ve never seen this before. That’s never happened before? That’s amazing. No! It really is. And we’re seeing that trend with Stevie’s show. And that’s different than we’ve had with others.”

- Peter Blachley, owner of the Morrison Hotel gallery.

Credit: {x}{x}


"Some people don’t sleep at night - I am one of those people. These pictures were taken long after everyone had gone to bed - I would begin after midnight and go until 4 or 5 in the morning. I stopped at sunrise - like a vampire… I never really thought anyone would ever see these pictures, they went into shoeboxes, where they remained. I did everything - I was the stylist, the makeup artist, the furniture mover, the lighting director. It was my joy - I was the model…"  Stevie Nicks 

Stevie Nicks  Polaroid Selfies c.1976